• We offer a wide selection of new and used firearms including pistols, long guns, revolvers and hard to find items. We also carry accessories and ammunition!
  • Have a gun you want to sell or trade-in? We do that, too! Bring in your gun. We’ll do the research and offer you a fair price based on current market conditions.

Firearm Transfer Services:

  • Even if you don’t buy from us, have your online or out-of-state firearm¬†purchase shipped to us. Transfers cost just $25 each. We can receive shipments from dealers and private, non-licensed sellers alike.
  • We ship guns, too. If you’ve sold your gun privately and need to ship it to your buyer or if you’re moving to another state and cannot legally transport your gun across state lines, come see us.
  • We will package the gun, ship it with insurance and provide you with a tracking number and the confidence that your gun will reach its destination safely, securely and legally.
  • Gun shipments start as little as $40 for handguns and $50 for long guns.